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We are a producer that provides affordable disposable vapes in bulk at factory direct costs. Additionally, our products have passed rigorous quality checks and been certified for CE, ROHS, MSDS, and ISO9001:2005.

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What is a disposable vape?

The disposable vape is the newest and most popular e-cigarette product. It is simple, compact, small in size, and comes with a fruity vape oil.

General composition of disposable vape products.

  • Battery: to provide power for the atomizer, can be divided into rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable batteries, the capacity is generally 650 mA ~ 2000 mA. For safety, it is recommended that the battery capacity does not exceed 3000 mA.
  • Mouthpiece filter: the part that inhales the vapor.
  • E-liquid: Pre-filled CBD liquid. Four ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, artificial flavor, and nicotine.
  • Atomizer: coil inside the atomizer that heats the liquid vape oil to produce vapor.
  • LED light: disposable vape with LED light to add interest and also to show the remaining battery charge.

So the disposable vape structure is much simpler, without the use of complicated vape kits and CBD liquids. When you have a disposable vape, all you need to do is inhale to activate it and absorb the vapor. It is easy to use, portable, flavorful and inexpensive is an ideal alternative to traditional tobacco.

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As an e-cigarette manufacturer, Aokit Vaping assists our partners in their vape distribution business. You can start a vape business for little money and make a lot of money.

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3. Regional protection; when your order totals $80,000, you are the designated Distributor in that area.
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5. Online support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wholesale Disposable Vape Online Shop By Aokit Vaping

We have eight years of experience designing, manufacturing, and assembling vaping devices, as well as a flawless supply chain. The accumulation of advanced technology enables us to continuously introduce new products that are popular in the market. Please click OEM/ODM if your e-cigarette brand requires labeling, OEM, or manufacturing services.

Aokit Vaping Certificates

the disposable vape wolesale with CE,ROHS,MSDS,ISO9001:2005 Certifications

We offer wholesale safe, and reliable shipping methods

Because atomizer products are classified as sensitive in the international shipping market, the shipping channels available are extremely limited. For online orders, we use UPS air freight service, which includes free shipping and customs clearance. Online wholesale orders from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries are currently accepted. Please see the FAQs for more information on specific countries and deadlines.

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