Disposable vape manufacturer

Disposable vape manufacturer

Make your own disposable vape

Our custom services

custom disposable vapes wholesale 

Customized logo and packaging

Matching brand logos and packaging for your disposable vape is essential

Customized styles and features

Is this vaporizes in the shape of a pen or a tank, and does it need LED light-emitting feature?

Custom flavors

Different countries have different taste preferences, so you need to choose the right flavor.

Customized nicotine content

Nicotine content is an important indicator, the market is generally 5% of nicotine. But can be practical, can also be customized 2%, 3% nicotine vapor.

Disposable vape industry leading technology

We started working on e-cigarette technology in 2014. 

We have a large technical reserve and supplier resources in the whole chain. 

We have rich experience in the development and production of the universal accessory components of e-cigarettes, such as mouthpieces, cartridges (liquid storage area), heating elements/atomizers, microprocessors, and batteries.

As an alternative to traditional tobacco, we hope that through vape we can achieve the goal of allowing our customers to eventually quit smoking.

If you are not satisfied with the vape in the market or you want to make your e-cigarette brand different. 

We can provide related services, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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