Disposable Vape 3200 Puffs Stick ,Vape Device with 9 Fruit Flavors

Aokit Cube Specifications

★ Up to 3200 puffs
★ 9flavors Available
★ Battery:1800mah
★ Capacity:12ml
★ Nicotine Strength: 5%
★Built-in battery power storage: 6 months

1. This price does not include shipping costs. We have long-term cooperation with shipping companies to fulfill your order with the lowest cost of shipping.

2.  If you are a vape brand owner or want your own white/private label vape, you can customize your vape.


The Aokit Cube is a disposable vape with 5000 puffs. with a compact design throughout and a great feel in your hand, you’ll love this product.

Aokit Cube Disposable Vapes Flavor List:

1. Blueberry ice

2. Lush ice

3. Pineapple Coco

4. Blue Razz

5. Strawberry Ice

6. Peach ice

7. Cotton Candy

8. Strawberry watermelon

9. Energy Drink

How to buy wholesale disposable vapes

1. It is very important to choose a reliable supplier. The supplier needs to provide good service, including transportation and after-sales aspects. Disposable vape wholesale suppliers also need to have product quality assurance, certified by the authority.

2. It is important to understand the parameters and configuration of the disposable vape. Here we recommend paying attention to the following parameters: battery capacity, puffs, rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries, and size.

3. Determine the taste and nicotine content. Disposable e-cigarette liquids contain many fruity flavors to choose from, which need to be decided according to the local market situation. Generally, the default nicotine content is 5%, but can also be 2% or 3%.

Import vapes from china

More than 90% of e-cigarettes are made in China, with a wide variety of products, cheap prices, and fast pushing new ones. So the best choice to do e-cigarette business is to import disposable vapes from China.

We are vape factory direct sales, to support samples and bulk wholesale at cheap prices. Retail stores, online retail sites, offline wholesalers, and distributors are welcome to cooperate.

Our disposable e-cigarettes are shipped from Shenzhen China. We support online bulk orders, shipping by air, and UPS/DHL door-to-door service.

USA, UK, Germany, Philippines (Manila), Malaysia.
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Thailand
Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia
Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy,
Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Italy
Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, South Africa

You can check the FAQs for the specific time limit. Large orders can also choose shipping and rail transportation to save shipping costs.

For countries or regions not mentioned, please contact us to give you the best shipping solution.


 disposabe vape 3200 puffs wholesale Description


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